Survey results are in! GameHackDays dix points!

8461731078_e311fa30ed_zWell a week on, we hope you all have recovered from the creative explosion that was TIGA GameHackDays!

Our aim with any GameHack event is to put on the best damn game jam in town and we need your help to make that happen. Which is why we always put out a survey to get your feedback, comments, suggestions and feelings about the event. GameHackDays is no different, but this is the first year that we’ve published the data, when you read it, I’m sure you’ll understand why we couldn’t keep this to ourselves :)

Highlights from the survey:

  • GameHackers rate GameHackDays as the best game jam they’ve ever attended!
  • 100% are intending to attend the next event
  • 65% of GameHackers will continue to work on the game they made at the event
  • 93% loved the Golden Joysticks :)
  • GameHackers prefer 4 minute time limits for demos, compared to 2 minute limit from the previous GameHack (91% vs 63%)

You can find the full data here, but safe to say we’re pretty chuffed that everyone had a great time.




GameHackDays: The Survey!


What did you think of TIGA GameHackDays? We want to know!

We hope you had an amazing time at TIGA GameHackDays, we certainly did! Although we think the event went swimmingly we are always keen to get your feedback, so if you can spare too minutes it would be awesome if you could take our survey! 

We’ll be publishing the results of the survey tomorrow!