Game Hack

Saturday 28th April
Pinewood Studios, London

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Title: Best cross platform application
Prize: Made with Marmalade Professional License worth $3499
Sponsor: Made with Marmalade

Marmalade is looking for the best cross platform app or game. Use our SDK to develop games that span more than one platform and you could walk away with a free professional license worth $3499. We're looking for apps and games that display the best in originality, utility, and commercial viability.

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Title: Best Use of Mobile
Prize: £500 worth of Arduino vouchers
Sponsor: BlueVia

We think there are creative ways to using mobile devices to enhance gaming beyond the screen, this category is for those who want to challenge established gaming conventions. Need ideas to get you started? Think location-based gaming, linking of different devices for multiplayer gaming, using mobile to redesign old classics - location and sound enabled Marco Polo perhaps! If you win this catagory you or your team will get £500 of Arudino vouchers to take your idea to the next level!

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Title: HTML5 Games Challenge
Prize: First prize of £500, with potential to receive an additional £2,500 to fund completion and publishing of the game.
Sponsor: Turbulenz, Mozilla Developer Network

We are looking for HTML5 game demo's that leverage some of the powerful social features of the web today. For example, a simple arcade or puzzle game mixed with the ability to play with friends, invite friends to challenge you, or to win achievements. For access to the closed beta game site or to get access to the development tools, email Turbulenz at info@turbulenz.com.

Turbulenz is a next generation HTML5 games platform, bringing social connectivity and community to the heart of games. With the vision of creating the greatest gaming experience, Turbulenz provides game developers with a world-leading HTML5 JavaScript SDK and development tools, as well as access to the Turbulenz network, allowing games to reach over one billion people on web connected devices.

Mozilla is passionate about games that are created with open Web technologies. It is invested in many projects that are improving its Firefox platform in ways that will directly benefit game developers, like introducing the Gamepad API and launching an apps marketplace. The Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) is an open community of developers building resources for a better web, regardless of brand, browser or platform. Anyone can contribute and each person who does helps makes it stronger.

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Papaya mobile
Title: Mobile Social Game Hack
  • First Prize:top-of-the-range Android Smartphone
  • Ultimate prize: 25K downloads of your game guaranteed!
Sponsor: Papaya Mobile

You’ll have the weekend to create the best possible social freemium game using Papaya’s Social Game Engine. You bring the imagination and talent, we'll bring over 50 million potential customers

Prizes subject to the game meeting Papaya launch requirements, the winning title will be launched on the Papaya Mobile network with an extensive promotional package including in-network advertising, Pmails, "Android App of the Day" coverage and much much more. Papaya and TapJoy will drive a minimum of 25K downloads enabling the winning team to develop a fully commercial and monetised product.

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Title: Procedural Generation Challenge
Prize: Top of the range Android Smartphone
Sponsor: Antix Labs

Your challenge (should you decide to accept it) is to generate as many stunningly beautiful game graphics as possible in as small an executable as possible.

The graphics can be 2D or 3D, that’s your choice, but they must not use any hand drawn graphics . Not even as an input  to the generation system. The emphasis will be on graphics that could be used in a real game, so simply implementing a 2D fractal will not score as highly as a view of a landscape.  The run time for the generation will also affect the score. Generating an entire world down to a single millimeter would be great, but of no real world use if the code takes two thousand years to run.

We will supply a framework that  handles textures and sets up an OpenGLES 1.0 environment to display your stunning creations.

The framework runs on Antix Game Player, so your masterpiece can be displayed on compatible televisions, mobile phones, PC’s, and even embedded in a web page.

Happy hacking!

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Title: Best Flash game for iOS
Prize: Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium
Sponsor: Adobe


Flash has always been about gaming and this challenge is about taking your Flash skills and using them to create a game running on any iOS device using our Stage3D api.

If you win our challenge, you (or your team) will get a Adobe Creative Web Suite Premium license worth £1429 (exc VAT)!

Useful links:

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  • £500 Cash
  • Mix your next games trailer at Pinewood Post Production
  • Half a day motion capture studio time with Centroid
Sponsor: Getty Images, Pinewood Studios, Centroid

The challenge:

You’ve created your game. Now get people to play it by creating a video game trailer using Getty Images content. Tell your game’s story. Take our high res video, stills and music, and turn it into something new. Put your own spin on it, in a short video of between one and three minutes.

The prizes:

  • £500 cash
  • Mix your next games trailer at Pinewood Post Production: use our state-of the-art facilities and work with award-winning staff and cutting-edge technology.One day to foley record, edit and mix a games trailer (no more than 2 minutes in duration, content to be delivered one day before the mix). Date TBC (within 6 months of prize giving).
  • Half a day motion capture studio time with Centroid, based at Pinewood Studios: mocap shoot for half a day and up to 100 seconds of character data


At least half of the imagery (video or stills) should be from Getty Images – not from any other source – and you can add stills, video, voiceover, graphics or illustrations you’ve made yourself. As for a soundtrack, feel free to use a mix of up to five tracks from Music by Getty Images – or add your own. Audio, video and still material from other sources are not allowed unless they are your own original, creative material.

As a registrant for the Game Hack, you will receive a confirmation email from Getty Images. In this email, you will find your unique username and password to download hi-res stills, video and music files from Getty Images.

Go to gettyimages.co.uk to pick out your stills, video clips and music using your unique code. You can download max 70 files. By logging in to Getty Images using your unique credentials, you accept the terms and conditions included in the confirmation email you receive from Getty Images.

Rules of the road


1.The games Trailer challenge (“Challenge”) is open to individuals who (i) are of a country or jurisdiction in which the Challenge fully satisfy all legal requirements for a contest of this nature. The Challenge is void outside those jurisdictions and where prohibited by law. (ii) are of legal age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence as of date of entry; and (iii) work in the creative industry.

2.Employees of Getty Images and each of its agents, employees and anyone connected with the due administration of the Challenge or related to such individuals immediate family members (spouse, parent, child, sibling and their respective spouses) are not eligible to participate in the Challenge.

How To Enter

1. At least 50% of the images and video used in your Entry must be from gettyimages.com (the “Getty Images’ Website”). You can use up to 5 tracks from the Getty Images Music collection. Audio, video and still material from other sources are not allowed unless they are your own original, creative material.

2. Your Entry should be 1-3 minutes long (maximum 3 minutes).

3. You may download any hi-resolution still images, video clips and music from the Getty Images’ Website for use in the submission without charge for the purpose of entering the Challenge only. Entrants acknowledge that they will not have access to all Getty Images’ Website collections for the purposes of this Challenge, however all entrants will have equal access to the same collections.


1. All rights in any content selected from the Getty Images’ Website remains vested in Getty Images and its licensors.

2. Entrants must destroy all copies of such content immediately after their participation to the Challenge. Any other use of still images, video clips and music from the Getty Images Website requires a license.

3. Entrants are allowed to keep a copy of their submission in their portfolio (online or printed version) provided they have control of such online use, if any. Entrants are required to credit their submission as follows: “Content, courtesy of Getty Images”.

4. Getty Images will not be liable for any damage, loss or disappointment suffered by any person taking part or not being able to take part in the Challenge.

5. By entering, each entrant warrants and represents (in other words promises) that his/her Entry does not defame or otherwise violate the rights or any third party and does not violate any laws or regulations of the territory in which they reside. Entrants further warrant and represent that they have secured the requisite consent from any third party referenced or pictured in their Entry (including but not limited to video, audio, still, any company or other third party trademarks or logos) and if requested by Getty Images, agree to provide legal release for the use of such reference in a form satisfactory to Getty Images.

6. By taking part to this Challenge, you grant Getty Images a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual license to publish and reproduce your Entry in its trade, advertising or promotional material in any media without further consideration, notification or permission to entrant or any third parties. For these purposes, entrants waive all moral rights they would otherwise have had under applicable laws to either object to modification of their work or require that their name appear in conjunction with any released work. To the extent such waivers are not permitted by applicable law, you agree not to enforce such moral rights against Getty Images.

7. Getty Images and the entrants shall be entitled to embed the Entries on other websites of its choice.

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Title: Most awesome game award
Prize: One year’s free TIGA membership and four free mentoring sessions with the TIGA Board - some of the UK’s leading and most established UK Game Developers
Sponsor: TIGA

TIGA is the trade association representing the UK games industry. Our mission is to fight for the interests of game developers/developer-publishers and to make the UK the best place in the world to do games business.  TIGA is an award winning business with a first class team. We understand the needs of indie-developers, start-ups and games developers generally: TIGA itself is a small business and it is run by game developers for game developers.

Free TIGA membership provides you with:

  • Access to free networking events
  • Free advice from industry experts
  • Discounts on software/hardware/industry events

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Title: Most innovative idea
Prize: Free annual membership
Sponsor: Techhub

Annual Membership includes:
- Networking with the TechHub community
- Access to a co-working desk between the hours of 9am and 6pm on a weekday (subject to fair use)
- 100Mbps wifi and free tea, coffee and refreshments

The winner can have guests at TechHub for up to two hours a time, or they can purchase a day pass for their guest for £20+VAT. The prize also includes cheaper events prices and some free events too so can still be a useful prize for a whole team.

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