After an AMAZING 2013 TIGA GameHack, with simultaneous events happening at Abertay University in Dundee and Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire, ARM and GameStick discussed how game jams can be a great way to help start-ups, manufacturers, students and studios drive innovation in our industry.

You can watch another video from TIGA GameHack at Pinewood Studios below

Find more photos of the event here and watch our participants present their games here.

More photos from the TIGA GameHack at Abertay University are available here.


Interview with ARM and PlayStick, Sponsors of TIGA GameHack

In this clip Gemma Paris, Developer Community Manager for ARM talks about the importance of fostering the whole ecosystem, and understanding what the developer community really wants, so it can be used for future IP design. These events are also useful for raising awareness of tech leaders like ARM in the developer community, and educate people on the latest tools they have available. With ARM architecture in 95% of smartphones and 70% of smart TVs, devs too can be sure of gaining highly valuable and applicable expertise and experience.

Oliver Heathcote, Games Relationship Manager for GameStick also discusses how PlayJam – the company behind GameStick – have wanted to do a game jam for some time. It not only helps showcase a new portable console, but as shipping to KickStarter backers has begun, it’s also a great opportunity to get devkits in the hands of more developers.

Both ARM and GameStick had staff at the Pinewood and Abertay University events, staying up all night to help our game hackers out, and understand the challenges and opportunities of making and optimising games for portable games consoles.

As Oliver points out, with any new technology or game console such as GameStick, there’s not the body of knowledge and documentation out there that can be expected of more mature platforms. Hence brave devs who roll their sleeves up and get stuck in are a fantastic source of insight, as well as a way to find and correct any bugs that may remain. With 240 developers in England and Scotland all using GameStick devkits for a solid 24 hours, it’s a rare and amazing source of testing and creativity.

Of course the story doesn’t end after 24 hours either, many of the devs who attended want to finish and ultimately release their games on GameStick, which is a great opportunity for them, and great content for the platform too.

Both ARM & GameStick were amazed at the quality of games achieved in just 24 hours, and delighted to have taken part, as well as being committed to help get some new games published as a result, so consumers can benefit too.

As Gemma illustrates, the great thing about the TIGA GameHack, and game jams in general is that they help promote innovation, entrepreneurship and encourage people to try new things in a fast-paced, positive and creative environment.

Both venues were sold out with well over 200 attendees from all levels of the games industry, from across the country, taking on the unique creative challenge of collaborating to make a game from scratch in 24 hours.

Attendees were competing against each other for numerous different awards, with all the proceeds raised from ticket sales – a total of £1,075 going to TIGA’s charity partner, SpecialEffect.

Thanks to all of our partners in Dundee and London for all their support, as well as everyone else that came along and took part.

We look forward to seeing you again next year! : )

The TIGA GameHack Team


GameHack 2: The Survey!


Another GameHack is in the books, we hope that you had a great time and that its memory will keep you warm during the cold Winter months ahead.

Our aim with GameHack is to make the best game jam in town, and we need your feedback to continually improve the event to make that dream a reality.

We tried quite a few new things at this event (new venues, TWO locations etc) so if you could spare a few minutes to fill out our official GameHack 2 Survey we’d like totally love you forever.

Take the Survey!

GameHack is this weekend…

Where to find Abertay University:

Where to find Pinewood Studios: Where to find Pinewood Studios:

TIGA GameHack Schedule

  • 09.00 – 10.00: All attendees arrive and breakfast is served
  • 10.00 – 10.15: Welcome and quick run-through of hints and tips for categories and reveal of ARM and PlayJam’s mystery theme
  • 10.15 – 11.00: Team formation
  • 1.00pm: Lunch
  • 7.00pm: Dinner
  • Midnight: Energy boost and food!!


  • 7.00am: Breakfast
  • 11.30am: Early lunch :)
  • 12.00pm: Demos begin
  • 2.00pm/2.30pm: Prizes and judging
  • 3.00pm/3.30pm: Close of event

Any transport or dietary enquires to please


ARM lunchtime webinar on Unity3D optimizations for Gamestick and mobile platforms is happening at 12.00pm on Wednesday 13th November, and is open to all #TIGAGameHack attendees. 

Unity3D optimizations for Gamestick and mobile platforms only by Angelo Theodorou from ARM.

With the TIGA GameHack now less than a week away, ARM will be hosting a webinar dedicated to helping TIGA GameHack attendees get up to speed with the latest in mobile and portable gaming tech, ahead of the event.

The best and brightest from the UK games development industry will be coming together to develop games from scratch in just 24 hours, so those that hope to thrive under the creative pressure will want to get their preparation underway.

ARM’s webinar will be taking place at 12.00pm on Wednesday 13th November, and is open to all TIGA GameHack attendees.

To log-in to the webinar, please:

1.Go to:

2. Go to ‘enter as guest’

3. Type in your name

4. Click on ‘Enter room’.

For more resources and advice from ARM, to help you get a head start at the TIGA GameHack, please see the below links:

This guide helps you get up and running with developing for your Mali GPU based platform running Android. It helps you to download and configure the tools so you can begin to develop apps for your platform.

Learn all about the Mali architecture

Tips on how to get the most out of Unity on mobile chipsets

Learn how to analyse your game to overcome bottlenecks in the system and get the best performance possible

Matt du Puy, Software Engineer at ARM explains how to perform systems analysis on your Android applications and how to work around common problems

Is your game, CPU/GPU bound? I/O or memory constrained? Is it power efficient? Find out how to identify if it is and optimise or avoid these potential issues

Stephen Barton, Software Engineer at ARM® shows the benefits of the ARM Streamline™ Performance Analyzer within the ARM DS-5™ toolchain.


Interview with TIGA GameHackDays Winning Team Member, Bruce Slater

So.. you won a prize at GameHackDays earlier in the year.. how did that feel?

Wining game hack was great. It was a little strange because I thought that there were some much better games that where made. I think the game we made stood out because of the unique methods we used to create it and is that not what game jam’s are all about, doing something different and experimenting.

What did you create in 24 hours with your team?

My team created a interactive story in HTML 5 with water colour art work and paper craft 3d models. There where always 2 choices and the story changed as you made choices.

What role did you play in your team?

There where 5 of us on the team. There was a sound guy ( He floated around lots of teams the amount of work that guy did was amazing). There were 2 programmers and 2 artists. I was one of the artists I did the 3d paper craft models. The other artist created the watercolour background and assets then scanned them in to the computer for a authentic look.

What advice would you give to others entering GameHack this year?

If you are entering game hack this year i would say do the following;

  • Make something small
  • Make Something that stands out
  • Find A/The Sound guy early because he will get swamped at the end of the event
  • Take your instinct in to around about design choices ( Speed up the process)
  • use a game engine that lets you quickly prototype

GameStick Open Day for Developers, next Tuesday

Date: Tuesday 5th November

Location: PlayJam HQ, 30th Floor Centre Point London WC1A 1DD

Timings: 5.00pm – 8.00pm

Register here:

Come and meet the GameStick team and chat with their engineers and games team. Hear the experiences of developers who have created or ported games for GameStick. Play some games and talk about your own games while enjoying the panoramic view of Central London from Playjam HQ on 30th Floor of Centre Point.

Player Research will present a talk on best practices for designing TV games. ARM developer support team will be present to answer questions on optimizing for GameStick and other ARM devices. If you stay long enough you might see some fireworks too :)

ARM: Saviours of lunchtime!

ARM can help spice up your lunchtime!

We can’t save you from a dull sandwich, but ARM can give you something interesting to do whilst eating it!

Lunchtimes can be kind of boring can’t they? An hour spent idly surfing the net whilst wolfing down that same old artisan sandwich and sipping at a quickly cooling half foam, skinny cappuccino…..

Is there no one that can save you from this hour of drudgery?


Luckily, our lovely gold sponsors ARM are hosting a webinar at lunchtime on Tuesday the 22nd October! This webinar will give you everything you need about ARM tools, so that you can make some awesome games at GameHack! (and maybe win the biggest prize in the history of GameHack!).

If you want to take part in the lunchtime hour of ARM awesomeness, ping Nisha on by 5:00pm on Monday!